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Race Report: Mid-Atlantic Paratriathlon Regional Championship

September 19, 2013



Atlantic City Triathlon – Mid-Atlantic Regional Paratriathlon Championship (15SEP2013)

Sprint Distance (450m/16k/5k)


Atlantic City, NJ


T2 – Paratriathlete (PC)

Results: 1st Place in Division Para-T2

(10th place in Age Group of 40 Athletes)

Finish – 1:09:50

Local Knowledge and Conditions:

First race at this location no previous knowledge of course.


Swim – Ocean inlet flat conditions, 74-degrees (wetsuit legal)

Bike – roads were in great condition with a very short “YELLOW FLAG” section due to loose gravel/dirt.

Run – Flat/Fast road to boardwalk and back

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up:

Morning started at 4:30 am with cold shower and protein bar (Quest) chased down with coconut water and chia seeds.

Upon arrival at transition set up area and discussed transition plan with my handler as to how I’d like to progress through transition from swim start process to water exit; water exit to transition; prosthetic change to bike leg and associated gear (helmet, shades, nutrition); bike to run transition, again leg transition from bike to run leg and associated gear (race belt, visor, nutrition, shoe).

Warm-up consisted of light jogging, minimal calisthenics and isolated stretches.


Pre-race in transition mindset was anxious but at ease with the situation. This being a Regional Championship put a little more on my mind. 

Swim – Had a long wait in the water due to logistics, some of the race course wasn’t quite blocked off yet. I was relaxed at the horn and had good pace, spotting was on so was fairly relaxed throughout. Even with a couple of run-ins with fellow athlete Amy Dixon.

Bike – relaxed throughout, the course was mostly on highway roads (Atlantic City Express Way) so was able to really put my new crankset to work. Tried to focus on breathing and cadence (85 – 105). 

Run – Temperature was still cool which was good, legs felt really good and pace was on point from what I could tell. Breathing was really comfortable and legs came in after about .25 mile.

Post-race – Felt good, as I crossed the finish at what I could as 1:09 on the clock.

Race break down:

Swim – 0:09:25

T1 – 2:51 min

Bike – 0:29:54 

T2 – 2:14min

Run – 0:25:25

Lessons Learned (Or Re-Learned):

Swim is still my weakest event and equipment, the right equipment means a lot more than I thought.

Sustains and Improves:


Pre-race prep, nutrition and hydration 

Swim – steady improvement on swim stroke/cadence/spotting this improvement curve needs to be maintained.

Bike/Run – maintain use of altitude trainer, lungs felt good throughout and in fact muscular fatigue is now more prevalent then cardio fatigue 


Pushing the pace of bike even on unknown courses, take it as it comes don’t overthink myself out of the race.

Swim, although it felt good, when viewed in comparison to the top competition in my category I have a lot of work to do.

Fitness (endurance, nutrition, hydration):

Endurance was good never felt out of breath, jelly leg off the bike was not as bad as in the past

Hydration was good as shown by continuous sweat well after race completion.

Nutrition was good from the night before to morning through race and post race.

Endurance was good PR’d bike and run by a lot.


At the conclusion of this race I was awarded the Mid-Atlantic Champions plaque for T2 division and am looking forward to representing my region at the upcoming Paratriathlon National Championships, the CapTexTri in 2014.

PR’s: Bike 29:54 (10-miles); Run 25:25 (5k)


Up Next:

1 more race to go, Mighty Man Montauk. This is the Northeast Regional Paratriathlon Championship, although I cannot compete for the Region I’d still like to make a good showing.

I am very thankful to say that I now have a coach, a Veteran and fellow Team RWB member who was at the AC Tri reached out and offered his services as a coach. This is an unreal opportunity that I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for this and can’t wait till our initial meeting. I will make sure it is worth every minute he puts into my training by continuing to give 110% in every training session and race. More on this to be included in my end of year report.

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  1. Nothing else to say except, awesome, keep on keepin on as you continue to inspire and motivate and make us all proud that you are part of us and our lives. Love you son and will be cheering you on in your final tri.

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